Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!


Hello :) Okay, this is my first time of joining Pink Saturday program which is hosted by Beverly . Anyways, I'd love to say thanks to her cos she has done a brilliant work as the host. :) For the start, I'd like to share some pictures of my Royal Albert collection :) Enjoy!

This is the royal albert set named Lady Carlyle that I own for more than 15 years already. I really love this set to the max. I've two sets of this collection where there are for 12 persons in each one set. Bought this set from London. :) 

I really admire this tureen bowl because I think it's quite hard plus expensive to get this kind of bowl these days. 

I've two teapots and 24 pieces of cups plus saucers.

This is one of the example of plates with the exact pattern. I've 24 pieces of the plates too! :) This is awesome!

And this is the dish plate which I also have about 24 pieces.

Dinner plates :)

The plate where I use for the rice. I have 2 pieces only.

Happy Pink Saturday! With love :)


  1. Happy Pink Saturday. I am so glad you joined us. My name is Beverly. Emily Dickinson you see on my blog sidebar is the author of the quote shown below.

    I adore this pattern of china. You are so lucky to have this beautiful set. The lidded bowl and teapot are especially lovely with beautiful shapes.

  2. oh. Sorry about the misunderstanding. It's a pleasure for me to join this program. Good job you're doing there! :)

    and thank you for liking my set :) anyway, your blog is really great plus, I'm really sorry for putting up the wrong name.

  3. What a beautiful set ... thanks for sharing it.
    This is my first Pink Saturday too.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    Welcome to Pink Saturday and we are so happy that you joined us today. What a beautiful share you have. Your dishes are exquisite. I love this beautiful setting. The pattern and colors are so beautiful.

    My favorite piece of course is the lidded tea pot. And I see you have cups out for two. Thank you for the tea, it was wonderful my friend.

    I hope you will stop by and say hello. I am Country Wings in Phoenix. I love meeting new friends. Stop by any time. My door is always open. Country hugs, Sherry

  5. I welcome you to the most lovi8ng group of bloggers I have ever know. Please enjoy that lovely tea set!

    I would love to have you stop by for a visit, whilst enjoyiong a pot of tea with me, enjoy some poetry Please enter my giveaway and I will be back soon!

    Pink HUGS!

  6. What lovely pieces you have. Thanks for showing us all your gorgeous things.

  7. Francie : Thank you, Francie and it's a pleasure for me to share with all of you :) yeah. hope both of us can do a really good job in joining Pink Saturday yeah! Loves, Fauziah.

    Country Wings in Phoenix : Thank you so much! :) You definitely made my day. I'd love to stop by at your place. But unfortunately, I'm in Malaysia. Sorry yeah. But it's really good to have and meet such a good friend like you! You're such a good friend and I'm sure about that :) Thank you once again for visiting my blog yeah! :) Loves, Fauziah.

    Valrie : Thanks Valrie. I'd love to have a cup of tea with you. But I'm pretty sure that I'm living really far from you. Sorry. But it's a pleasure for me to meet such a good friend like you! :) I'll follow your blog soon k? :)

    Donnie : Thank you, Donnie. and Im happy that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you again! :)


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