Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Food after the surgery.

After so long, now I've the free time to update my blog. On Thursday, 9th of Dec, my daughter Puteri got admitted into the hospital. On 10th of Dec at 4pm, she had the appendix surgery. After 4 days in hospital, she discharged on the 13th of Dec. On Tuesday morning, my normal routine has begun. Since my daughter just had her surgery, I've to cook something special for her. Thus, here are some of the pictures of the food for her. I'll surely keep all the pictures for my own collection :')

Sarapan pagi nasi goreng  yang di campurkan dengan hirisan kunyit, halia bwng putih, carrot, bwng merah yang digoreng dengan minyak zaitun.

Sup ikan haruan yang dicampur dng hirisan kunyit, halia, serai,lada hitam, bwng putih, bwng merah dan rempah ratus.

Spagetthi goreng bersama hirisan kunyit, halia, carrot, kubis, bwng putih, bwng merah dan digoreng dengan minyak zaitun.

Ikan haruan bakar bersama kunyit hidup

Menu hari rabu
Ikan Kurau yg fresh dimasak halia, tapi di campurkan dng kunyit hidup

Hari rabu masih juga dengan sup ikan haruan

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